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anyone else

seem to have an issue sticking to their PP allowance after falling off track and coming back on?
like if i fall off the wagon and come back and stick to my strict 26 PP, i cheat more.
if i come back at 30 PP and slowly go down to 26 PP over a week, i do great.
does anyone else have this problem?

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This sounds delicious and would be low in points.


How I feel the first few days of Weight Watchers.


there are some days where i forget to eat the entire day, and then there are other days where i have first breakfast, second breakfast, elevenses, luncheon, third breakfast, tea, dinner, soupsies, supper, night lunch, midnight snack and one-in-the-morning snack

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do 30 day shred, forget to start heart rate monitor

i skipped to level 2 because i was bored of level 1and omg!!!!
well i definitely made up for those 2 pp i ate over.

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